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This book is written by and for children and young people who live with having someone missing in their lives. That missing person might be a parent or grandparent, a brother or sister, an aunt, uncle or cousin.

The young people from In the Loop tell us that they “get it”. They live with not knowing and are very often able to empathise with others in similar situations. Young people tell us that they feel the ‘missing’ of their loved one in every aspect of their lives – at home, at school and socially. It can affect the way they relate to others in their family, their friends and at school. It not only impacts the here and now, but at times, their view of what the future holds. They express the belief that ‘missing’ affects how others relate to them too.

Young people, supported by the adults in their lives, met each other, shared their thoughts and stories with Liz Davies and Emmanuel Kassiotis from Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit and then allowed Hannah Park and May Hammoude to work alongside them to produce what you hold in your hands.

Most of the words, pictures and photos are theirs and are included with their permission. They have entrusted them to the team at Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit in the hope that their insights and shared experiences will be helpful for others who live with or are touched by ‘missing’.